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We look forward to being of service.

Our services are perfect for anyone who’s looking to purchase teak furniture, indoor or outdoor furntiure, synthetic furniture, soft furnishings, lighting, garden pots and decor, stone, and handicraft.

Simply email us with your travel dates, prefered dates for shopping and your hotel details. If you already have designs in mind, send images, sketches or weblinks – anything that will help us to better understand your style and needs.

Our Personal Shopping Services take care of everything: Visits to suppliers, product selections, negotiations, establishing quality controlling for colour, size, finish. We also assist with sampling and drawings if needed.

Our Personal Shopping Trips include car, driver and dedicated Account Manager – the role of the Account Manager is to make introductions to suppliers, takes notes of all supplier meetings, translate, negotiate (if needed), and prepare detailed lists of all products seen – for your selection.

We charge 15% (Negotiable depends on the continuing and volume of the order) on all items that need to be ordered. This fee is for the placement of orders, managing funds, reporting on progress, monitoring production, and most importantly, conducting full QC inspections to ensure that all orders are 100% correct.

Anything that you purchase from stock and pay in full to the suppliers is simply collected by our cargo crew and brought to our warehouse for packing and to prepare for shipping. No fees are payable to Muji Specialist Furniture and Handicraft Sourcing for these items. We charge ONLY for the items that need to be ordered, and which need our assistance.

Shopping is for 8 hrs US$100.00 (approx Rp1.400.000) or 5 hours US$75.00 (Rp1.050.000)

Samara Herjie Amerta

Indonesian Furniture and Crafts

Samara Herjie Amerta Specialist Furniture and Handicraft Sourcing – We provide assistance to overseas buyers to source products, develop designs, select materials, monitor production, progress report, manage payments, manage logistics for freight and provide comprehensive quality control inspections for every product that we source.

Whether you’re a commercial buyer, hotelier, developer, wholesaler/retailer, construction company purchasing for your business, or a private buyer looking to source furniture for your home – we can certainly assist.
Our company specializes in custom design interiors, outdoor furniture, garden decor, custom doors, signage, lighting, and handicraft.

our services

Custom Orders

Indonesian Furniture and Crafts

Samara Herjie Amerta Specialist Furniture and Handicraft Sourcing specializes in custom orders of a wide range of products. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our Muji Specialist Furniture and Handicraft Sourcing site, or already have details of your own designs, please feel free to send these to use, complete with sizes, finishes, colours and quantities and we will be pleased to assist. If we’re not able to source exact to your specifications, we’ll provide options of what we can do.

Sourcing Indoneisia work with a wide range of artisans and factories – each specialists in their fields. Often we use a range of different suppliers to complete a single order – combining different materials and ensuring the completed products are exactly as specified.

Custom orders can often be made for single items or bulk and are available for private or commercial buyers. Please let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to investigate.

Check through our wide range of products that we’ve loaded to our site – most of these designs can also be customised – or if you still can’t find what you’re looking for – just let us know.. and we’lll do our best to assist.

For further details on our services, follow our link

We continually enhance and expand our range of suppliers / products / designs – thus keeping you, our customer updated with ‘what is new’ in Bali through regular mailings and newsletters. 

If you are regular visitor to the Muji Specialist Furniture and Handicraft Sourcing Website and would like to know ‘whats new’ – be sure to visit this page frequently.  This page is updated on a weekly basis and all new products are ‘moved’ to our existing range after a period of one month.

Our customer base is varied, as is our range of products and suppliers.  The strict criteria for inclusion into our preferred product / supplier listing is followed carefully.  quality, originality, price, responsible and like-minded business partners.


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